The present course is: Black tees 6564 yards, slope131 course rating 72.2. White tees 6226 yards, slope 127 course rating 70.7. Yellow tees 5933 yards, slope rating 69.2. Ladies Red tees 5361 yards, slope rating 71.8.

  1. This long and straight par 5 presents a testing starting hole. With the prevailing wind from the left, beware the penalty ditch down the right hand side of the fairway that can trap a long drive or pushed second shot. The good sized green slopes from back to front and is  protected left and right by bunkers.
  2. The first par 3 has out of bounds to the right of the green. Five strategically placed bunkers collect the errant tee shot and flag position can make a difference of two clubs on this long green.
  3. This short par 4 is drivable by the longer hitters but accuracy is required as the elevated green is protected by three large bunkers and deep rough through the back. The thinking golfers’ option is to lay up to the top of the hill and hit a short iron to the receptive green.
  4. A straight par four that requires an accurate tee shot to avoid deep rough down the right and fairway bunkers down the left. The deep bunker front left of the green should be avoided.
  5. The second par 5 requires a left to right tee shot with gorse waiting down the right and a penalty ditch on the left of the fairway. The blind second shot is played to a dogleg right to left fairway with out of bounds down the right, with the prevailing wind left to right; watch out for the number 4 bus! Once reached, the green is large and flat.
  6. This short par 3 is usually played into the wind to an elevated well protected green. A par is always a good score here, zip up your wind cheater and walk to the next tee to tackle the six shore holes.
  7. The first of the shore holes is a long par 4 with a blind tee shot. Trust the marker post, factor in the wind and remember there’s all of England to the left, unfortunately there’s also deep rough and a penalty ditch so accuracy is the key. A mid/long iron is required to the first bunker free green.
  8. A good tee shot to the inviting fairway on this par 4 will leave an iron to an elevated green. Clubbing is key to the second shot as any ball short could finish at the bottom of the hill. A tricky green is protected by deep bunkers front left and right.
  9. Success on the toughest hole on the course depends on selecting the correct line off the tee. The fairway doglegs right to left over the brow of the hill so longer hitters can take the ball over the left edge of the fairway to leave an iron to the green. The safe play is to drive towards the top of the hill and take your chance with a longer iron. The green slopes from front to back and is protected by bunkers left and right.
  10. The final par 3 will test even the best players’ nerve. Any shot left of the target will finish in either gorse or heavy rough so reload under these circumstances. Greenside bunkers protect the front; right and back of the green so take aim and trust your swing. Beware the penalty ditch short and right!
  11. Arguably the best golf hole on the course this long par 4 requires an accurate drive that avoids the deep fairway bunker on the left and the Irish Sea on the right! Another well protected green slopes left to right and back to front.
  12. A short par 4 to complete the trauma of the six shore holes. A decent drive to an inviting fairway will set up a short iron to the green and potential birdie chance. No greenside bunkers but beware the bank to the left of the green and gorse through the back. If you walk off this green with the same ball you teed up on the 7th you’re either skilful or very lucky!
  13. Breathe a sigh of relief on this tee, plenty of room to the right of this long par 4, no prizes for a drive down the left that could kick into the gorse. Be aware of the gully called Hade’s that cut’s into the left of the fairway short of the green. Approach shots left of the green will find a gorse grave.
  14. Downhill par 4 with out of bounds over the wall for an aggressive second shot. Two bunkers await the longer drivers so a layup may be advisable. Second shot to a green that slopes front to back.
  15. Gorse and out of bounds to the right, two fairway bunkers to the left of this short par 4, many a card has been spoiled here. Hit the fairway and it’s a definite birdie chance.
  16. Stand on the tee an make the choice – drivable par 4 but trouble everywhere, gorse left, fairway bunkers left and right, gorse long and right! Iron off the tee, chip and a putt, if only it was that easy!
  17. Straight ahead par 4 that requires accuracy off the tee – penalty ditches left and right. Greenside bunkers right, left and back but a definite birdie chance following a good drive.
  18. Shortish par 4 to finish, in calm conditions. Left to right dogleg with a popular out of bounds to the right – the first tee is a good line off the tee but don’t hit it too far as ditch awaits for the longer hitters! The long green slopes front to back, greenside bunkers are available but should be avoided. A par to finish?

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